Acidophilus Probiotic – What It Is And Why It’s So Important

Acidophilus – the name might sound complicated but the way it works is actually very easy. This type of probiotic is probably one of the most well-known and highly-used friendly bacteria. If you are considering a live culture supplement, acidophilus might be the one for you. However, it is important to first understand what acidophilus is, how it works, and how it will positively benefit you! Keep reading to learn more and discover what you need to know about acidophilus.

Probiotics like acidophilus are not live bacteria.

There are a couple HUGE misunderstandings regarding the use of probiotics. First, probiotics are not live bacteria marching into your bowel. Probiotics create a by-product that encourages the multiplication of the good bacteria in your bowel. You are not adding 10 billion organisms of “good” bacteria each time you take a probiotic pill. Rather, you are encouraging the growth of the beneficial bacteria that already live in your gut. Second, the amount needed, and time it takes, to heal your bowel is significantly larger and longer than anything you will find recommended on the bottles. These two reasons are why you are not seeing results. Healing your bowel takes time and it is very difficult to take these products when you do not immediately respond positively to them. If you want to see faster results you need to take much more than you are right now.

One downside to having to take a bunch of probiotics is the cost. As an alternative we offer Bowel Strength, a product containing ingredients that help your good bacteria grow and multiply.. The berberine and grapefruit seed extract in the Bowel Strength DO THE SAME THING as probiotics.  

Many people wrongly believe there is only one way to build good gut bacteria, and that the only product that can do this are probiotics. 

If you had no money, you would die (of starvation etc). Likewise, if you had no healthy bacteria in your bowel, you would die, too. If you had $4000 in the bank, you would want it to grow and multiply. To do so, you could invest this money in real estate, gold, a money market fund, a CD, etc. These are all different investment vehicles, but they all help your money grow and multiply (well, in the good ole days, but you get the point!). 

Likewise, there are many “investment vehicles” for your good bacteria, as well. One of them is probiotics. Another is grapefruit seed extract. Another is berberine (these last two are in Bowel Strength). There is not one way to help your money grow, and there is not just one way to help your good bacteria grow and multiply, either. The majority of the clients that I have seen who have rebuilt the bacterial environment in their bowels have never taken acidophilus; they have done this exclusively with Bowel Strength.

Whether you want to use probiotics or Bowel Strength, what is most important is that you take the correct amount. We suggest you start with 6 pills of Bowel Strength, or 200 Billion organisms of probiotics a day. This may seem like a lot to you but healing your bowel is not a quick fix solution to your health – it is a permanent one, with lasting results. You wouldn’t expect to remodel your entire house in only one month so why do we expect our bodies to be so much easier to change?

Probiotics—No refrigeration required?

Likewise, for at least two decades, most probiotics have been stored in the refrigerator, and the accepted thinking was that these “live organisms” would die if not kept cold. “Travel acidophilus,” which did not require refrigeration, was always considered far inferior. Likely, a number of bottles of acidophilus, and hard-earned money, has been “thrown down the drain” by those who accidentally left their acidophilus out of the fridge for too long. And how many of you have neglected to take your acidophilus because of the need for refrigeration? You either forget it, or find it is too inconvenient to travel with it that way.

When we carried the Unique Healing line of probiotics(from a very large lab that specializes in these products) our manufacturer  found that after many months at 75 degrees—or a tad above room temperature—the strength of these probiotics was still intact. Wow. Why hasn’t this been done before?

Most of all, the greatest relevance of this information is the fact that it changes your perspective on these products. If you don’t look at probiotics as “live bacteria” that need to be protected from the elements or else they “die”, then there should be less confusion as to why Bowel Strength , which contains no “live” organisms can work too. 

If you are taking probiotics like acidophilus, it is still best not to store them in the sunlight or in a room that is above 75 degrees, and if you still feel insecure about this test, keep them refrigerated. But do not throw them out if they get left out and you MUST stop thinking of this product as live bacteria. It does nothing but hurt your chance of success in healing your bowel! (“If I am taking 400 billion LIVE organisms a day, it should take only a few months to rebuild my bowel…” could be your dangerous assumption as a result.)

Probiotics and Bowel Strength are NOT crutches (ie. diets, vitamins, drugs, etc.)

With crutches like vitamins, diets, and the rest, you can assume that after you stop using them, you will eventually go back to feeling the same as you did before you started. You expect immediate results from these products and in return get an immediate decline in health when you stop using them. If your leg is broken and you use crutches to get around and the next day you stop using your crutches, you won’t be able to get around. You can’t expect the same from probiotics. Probiotics heal, but they take time. If you spend half a year remodeling your kitchen, and then you kick the workers out, the parts of the kitchen they remodeled will stay. Understanding this concept is the most important part of healing your bowel and body. Without it you will continually be going from one quick fix to the next, and you deserve better than that.   

Final Thoughts

Bowel Strength and probiotics are both extremely useful and amazing tools, but incorrectly using them is unfortunately resulting in people jumping ship much too early! If you had a chainsaw, but no instructions, you may never be able to cut down that tree you so badly need to. It sounds silly but this analogy is important to remember when thinking about probiotics – if you don’t know how to use them there is no way you will see results and heal your bowel.    

For more information on probiotics and Bowel Strength please read chapter seven, “Healing Your Bowel Bacteria Environment”, of Unique Healing.

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