Are You Taking Enough Body Bentonite?

Are you taking enough body bentonite to heal your body and eliminate your diseases, addictions, weight problems and symptoms?

For the most part, our clients take Body Bentonite in the appropriate amounts needed to heal their bodies. However, as of late, we have received several emails from clients who, quite frankly, aren't getting the results they desire or deserve.

 But before we continue, it’s imperative we make it clear that based on the information we have received, it’s our belief that some of you are incorrectly buying products without a complete understanding of why and how the products should be used to heal your bowel and body. The recommendations in ‘Unique Healing’ are quite different from what you would read on our Body Bentonite and Bowel Strength bottles.

Some Common Misconceptions...

  • Next, we have to address the misconception that surrounds the labeling on our products. On the bottles there are instructions on how to use the products. BE VERY CAREFUL! The FDA has arbitrary requirements for what is an acceptable “recommendation” on supplement bottles. We were forced to put those recommendations there. Our personal recommendations, and the ones you will find in our book, Unique Healing, will generate the most effective results. Please understand that the recommendations on the bottle are not ideal, and will NEVER be the best strategy to radically change your bowel bacteria environment or eliminate the excess acidity in your body.
  • Just to add a little perspective - our most successful clients are taking a minimum of 80 capsules a day. If you’re not a fan of taking a boat load of pills, let us break down another way you could get to 80 ‘capsules’ . Taking 80 capsules a day is the equivalent of about eight tablespoons of Body Bentonite Powder OR about 64 ounces of pre-made bentonite liquid. 
  • There are two reasons why some of our clients decide to take less Body Bentonite. One, they have been on the Unique Healing Program long enough where they don’t need as much to be successful. Or two, they are mistakenly taking too little because they are unaware of how to use it properly. As a company we are primarily focused on giving people the tools and education they need to maximize the efficiency of this program. That’s why we advocate for clients who are in the first year of the program to shoot for 80 capsules a day. You will be healing your body, and eliminating the years of stored acids in your organs, at a rate where you will actually see results quickly - this will be very encouraging! And will help give you motivation to finish the program and heal your body! 

Take a Deep Breath!

Taking 40 capsules, hypothetically, would double the time it takes to see those same results. You have a lifetime of acidity in your body, so to take a ‘mild approach’ to cleansing it can cause people who are impatient to stop the program altogether. And that is the last thing you need! Even if you are only taking 40 capsules a day, you are still eliminating the stored acidity in your organs and helping eliminate the daily acids accumulating in your blood - but! What is most important is that you continue to eliminate properly. If you can stay patient on 40 capsules a day, great! But if you’d like to see faster results, and see your symptoms disappear before you know it, then step it up and double your amount of Body Bentonite.

Due to the nature of this program, we always stress the importance of education. And by that we mean, a real education. Knowledge is important, but without wisdom and understanding you will never know how to properly apply that knowledge. It’s not about what you know, rather the way in which you use what you know is what changes your life (or takes it to the next level).

Instead of telling you to just go buy our book ‘Unique Healing’ , we thought it’d be better if you read our ‘15 Minute Guide’ which simplifies the key elements of the Unique Healing Program. It expounds on the 4 fundamental building blocks you need for success with this program. They are: Why you are in the situation you are in, How you got there, Why it’s not your fault, and How you can solve all of your problems going forward. Here at Unique Healing we aren’t merely focused on alleviating your body of it’s symptoms. Instead, we get to the root of the issue and work from there, which has proven itself time and time again to be the best ‘prescription’ for success.

We look forward to seeing you feel healthy, confident, and full of energy. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the Unique Healing book or 15 Minute Guide, Email us at

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