The Right Way to Detox

Detoxing isn’t the same as it used to be and is often completely misunderstood. Often if you are “detoxing” you think this means you are eliminating toxins, but in fact you are not. The implications of a typical detox program has you believe you will be eliminating toxins from your body and the substances that cause disease, when you are only eliminating some of the symptoms. You may be feeling better, but those toxins are still there!

When you do the Unique Healing program, you are detoxing because you are actually removing a lifetime of stored acids in your body and eliminating them correctly. You are eliminating these toxins which will also eliminate your symptoms, risk of disease, and more. 

Why You Need to Eliminate Acids

Everyday you have acidity from different factors entering into your body. You also have old acids stored in your body, so everyday more start to accumulate. Just like your trash: there is new trash added everyday to the trash can in your house but there is also trash in your cabinets and behind closed doors and this trash has been there a very long time. This acidity is what needs to be eliminated from your body, which happens through your bowel, but your bowel needs to be healthy to eliminate correctly. 

Uneliminated acids in your blood result in symptoms, weight gain and addiction. Uneliminated acids in your organs are much more serious, but also much less noticeable. Just like the trash hidden away in your cabinets or behind closed doors, acids in your organs may not be seen every day but lead to disease and damage to your organs. Another way of thinking about it is to imagine the uneliminated acids in your organs like holes in your roof. It may not rain every day (you may not experience symptoms every day) but when it does rain, if your roof has too many holes in it, your house is going to get soaking wet. Repairing your roof, or eliminating acids from your organs, is the only way to heal them and prevent more serious damage.

Misconceptions of Detoxing

Anything that moves acids from the organs into the blood is actually detoxing. Almost all “detoxing” programs do not move acids into the bloodstream. So what does? Fruit is one, as the sugar breaks down to release those acids into the blood. Carbs, sleep, a menstrual period, pregnancy and menopause are all other causes of toxins moving into the blood. But again, you must have a healthy bowel to eliminate these toxins once they enter into your blood, or else they will just return to where they came, plus you’ll feel lousy since more toxins have entered your blood and you weren’t able to eliminate them properly. Remember, if you have an unhealthy bowel, you need to use probiotics or Bowel Strength to rebuild it. 

What is not detoxing? These include most “crutches”, exercise, vitamins, detox programs (yes you read that right!), as well as Unique Healing products. (Body Bentonite helps eliminate the acids released by your organs but does not cause acids to be released – none of the Unique Healing products release acids into your blood). Exercise is not a way to cleanse your body, and neither is a detox program. Since acids are not being moved into your blood, all of these will help you look and feel better but do not remove acids from your organs, hence, they are not detoxing. 

There are really only four ways that your body eliminates acids: through your bowel (using Body Bentonite), sweating, deep breathing, and urinating. These are the only ways that your body can remove those dangerous toxins. 

So why does it seem like vitamins have some healing power, when they actually don’t? The acids that were not eliminated through your organs are moved into your blood, and vitamins buffer these toxins, which reduces your symptoms. They essentially mask your symptoms and have you believe that you are healing since you feel better. But because those stored organs aren’t removed, they really aren’t doing anything beneficial. 

Some detox programs even require laxatives, but taking a laxative also does not eliminate toxins, and neither does if you stop eating acidic foods. It may lessen your symptoms and reduce the amount of acidity going into your blood, but it is not in fact cleansing your body and removing these toxins from your organs. 

Final Thoughts

Proper elimination of toxins from your body (the promise of detox programs) helps eliminate disease, numerous symptoms, addictions, and weight problems. The problem is: MOST detox programs do not actually eliminate toxins from your body. But with the Unique Healing program, you will rebuild your bowel bacterial environment, so you can properly eliminate toxins on your own, and use Body Bentonite to help eliminate acids in your blood right away! You won’t be masking the symptoms of excess acidity in your body, you will actually be getting rid of it!

For more information on detoxing please read chapter five“Why Diet Crutches Don’t Work, of Unique Healing.

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