Using Colloidal Silver for Bowel Healing

Colloidal silver is an incredibly effective tool to use as you work towards healing your bowel. It’s a crutch, so it alone won’t restore your bowel health. However, what it will do is help you look and feel better on the path to healing. Not many people are aware of colloidal silver or how to use it, so this article is here to educate you about its purpose in the Unique Healing program.

What is colloidal silver and what does it do?

Colloidal silver is an all-natural solution of tiny silver particles suspended in liquid. Silver is antimicrobial so it can kill fungal, yeast, bacterial, and parasitic infections. In fact, colloidal silver was used to treat infections before antibiotics were invented. Ideally, your bowel will have an abundance of good bacteria to ward off infections. If your bowel is depleted of good bacteria, it isn’t able to do this. In our program, you take colloidal silver to help you look and feel better as you work on healing your bowel. As we said, it’s a crutch so it isn’t something you’ll need to use long term. When your bowel is restored, you won’t need it any longer. 

What health problems can colloidal silver treat?

A lot of people don’t realize that infections can have many different manifestations that aren’t obvious flu-like symptoms. When people think of infections, usually the first illnesses and symptoms that come to mind are things like strep throat, sinus and staph infection, and bronchitis. These aren’t the only types of or symptoms of having an infection. People with fungal, bacterial, parasitic, and yeast infections may experience skin ailments such as acne and psoriasis, excess urination, bloating, fatigue, and headaches. 

Sadly there are so many people who suffer from these conditions and don’t even realize that an infection is the root of their problem. Their bodies don’t have enough good bowel bacteria to prevent and fight these infections which is why they’re susceptible to them. It creates a vicious cycle. People aren’t aware that they have a weak bowel so they don’t treat it. They get infections but don’t realize it because they don’t recognize the symptoms, so they never try to restore their bowel health.

Colloidal silver can be used to test if you have any of these underlying infections. Try taking 2-4 teaspoons of Unique Healing Colloidal Silver and see if any of your symptoms go away. Colloidal Silver can help treat the more serious infections like sinus infections but also the less noticeable ones.  

Why use colloidal silver?

In traditional medicine, the course of treatment for infections is usually a prescription for antibiotics. You may be wondering why you should use colloidal silver instead of antibiotics if they both are used for treating infections. The problem with antibiotics is that in addition to killing the bad bacteria, they also kill the good bacteria in your gut that your body needs to prevent and fight infections in the first place. After taking antibiotics you won’t have the infection anymore, but you’ll also be stuck with a bowel depleted of some good bacteria and you’ll be susceptible to getting infections again in the future. Colloidal silver won’t kill the good bacteria, making it a healthier alternative. Colloidal silver can help keep you out of the doctor’s office and away from harmful antibiotics. But please, if you have a very serious infection, and need help immediately, go to your doctor and get an antibiotic. Continue working on healing your bowel and next time you will be able to avoid it!

It’s also important for you to know that colloidal silver isn’t a toxic heavy metal like aluminum and mercury. Therefore, it won’t cause the neurological damage that those heavy metals can cause in your body. Another benefit is how fast you can see results. A lot of people who have been on our program find that the symptoms they’ve been suffering from for years vanish within just a few days.

Colloidal silver is one of our favorite crutches because of its efficacy, safety, and ability to deliver results so quickly. It can do what so many other products and healing modalities claim to do but aren’t able. Our colloidal silver is high-quality and very potent, making it an extremely useful crutch during your bowel-healing journey. 

For more information on colloidal silver please read Chapter 10 of Unique Healing. There you will find more details for how best to use colloidal silver along with other helpful information.

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