Viral and Bacterial Infections – What You Need to Know

How can you rid your body of viral and bacterial infections like staph, e. coli, diarrhea, and strep? 

Temporary solutions, or “crutches” as we refer to them, aren’t the answer. Crutches such as dietary changes, supplements, vitamins, and drugs only alleviate or suppress symptoms. Healing your bowel, however, is an effective solution for treating infections with long term results.

What does your bowel health have to do with infections?

Your bowel plays a key role in warding off and fighting viral and bacterial infections. A healthy bowel has the good bacteria your body needs to keep you healthy, which includes infection prevention and healing. In a healthy gut, good bacteria will fight off any bad bacteria it comes into contact with. This is critical because bad bacteria inhibit the growth of infections, both viral and bacterial.

Even if you’re seemingly healthy – you eat well, feel good, your organs are in good health, etc. – you’re not immune to getting sick from infections. The only way to thwart the spread of infection in your body is to heal your bowel. A lot of people believe that they’re in good health because they feel well overall. Because of this, they don’t realize that their bowel isn’t healthy and then overlook their gut health. Again, your body requires a strong bowel with abundant good bacteria to prevent infections. It’s the only sustainable way to do so. All of the diets, exercise, stress relief, and vitamins in the world can’t do what the bowel can for your overall well-being. 

Recognizing infection symptoms and how to diagnose them

We have a limited view of infection symptoms which poses a significant problem. People can’t treat an infection if they don’t even know that they have it. When most people think of bacterial infections, symptoms such as sinus pain or bladder discomfort are what first come to mind. These are among some of the most obvious and well-known symptoms, but they aren’t the only ones. Bacterial infections can also cause fatigue, gas, nausea, and headaches. People with bacterial infections may also experience neurological symptoms, which can include brain fog, irritability, and insomnia. These are only a few examples of how bacterial infections can wreak havoc on your body. The Unique Healing books go into further detail and provide more examples 

You can look at your bowel movements to see whether or not you have an infection. If you have bowel movements more than twice daily, find they’re green or yellow in color, and/or very loose, you likely have an infection – especially if you have some of the other symptoms listed above.

Misconceptions about treating infections and the bowel

Probiotics have become pretty trendy as of late. You may have noticed that many pharmacies and grocery stores carry them in capsule form or in yogurt and that some skincare lines have probiotics in their formulas. Even though probiotics have become more mainstream, there are still a lot of misconceptions about how to use them and how they work. Please read our post, “Acidophilus Probiotic – What It Is And Why It’s So Important” for more information on probiotics. But before you take probiotics, you need to eliminate the infectious bacteria from your body by taking colloidal silver. The Unique Healing program uses colloidal silver as a temporary crutch due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties which can cure infections very quickly. The next step after colloidal silver is to replenish healthy gut bacteria by taking Bowel Strength or a high number of probiotics.

Taking colloidal silver is a critical step toward gut healing because it gets rid of the infection, which Bowel Strength and probiotics can’t do. However, it’s only a crutch. Colloidal silver won’t heal your bowel or help it grow the good bacteria it needs to be healthy. Your bowel needs that good bacteria to keep you safe from infection. A bowel that’s depleted in good bacteria and overridden with the bad kind makes your body vulnerable to infections and the array of symptoms they inflict. One of the most common misconceptions about healing the gut and killing infections is “die-off.” If you haven’t heard of it, die-off is a symptom many medical professionals believe people will experience at the beginning of their gut-healing process. It’s how these professionals explain why some people feel sick when they start killing off their bowel bacteria. Unlike antibiotics or Nystatin which cause this alleged die-off, colloidal silver doesn’t have these negative side effects.    

Why the Unique Healing program

We’re not the only program for bowel health on the market but we are, however, the one that works. There are so many programs and products that claim quick results. That obviously sounds really appealing. Who wouldn’t want to get healthy immediately? But the truth is that there isn’t an instantaneous way to heal your bowel. Healing isn’t an overnight process and it’ll take time. However, the use of colloidal silver in our program is aggressive so that you can heal your bacterial infections, feel better, and get back to focusing on a healthy, flourishing bowel and body. 

For more information on viral/bacterial/fungal infections please read chapter three, “Why Healing Your Bowel and Body Works”, of Unique Healing.

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