Why THIS Unique Program Works

The Unique Healing Program truly is unique, as you won’t find any others that heal your body and your bowel as this program does. Most programs you find will merely mask your symptoms and have you feeling better and looking better, but not healing the underlying causes. If you don’t fix those “holes” in the roof, and merely mask them with a tarp (diets, exercise, vitamins, etc.), you will still have holes in your roof and it will get wet when it rains. Our program will not only cover those holes, but over time will fix them so you no longer have a problem. 

How This Program Heals Your Body

Everyday you have acidity from your diet, environment, drugs, etc., entering your body. You also have old acids stored in your body, so everyday more start to accumulate. Just like your trash: you have old trash that may have been there awhile, plus you keep adding more and more so the pile keeps getting larger. This acidity is what needs to be eliminated from your body, which happens through your bowel, but your bowel needs to be healthy to eliminate correctly. 

When not eliminated properly, acidity backs up in your body and is stored in your organs, which can disrupt their functions. This makes them sensitive and vulnerable to disease, which you don’t want. These acids also move into your bloodstream, and this gets a result from your body, such as a cough, fatigue, headaches, and other symptoms. 

To fix these symptoms, often “crutches” are used, which can include exercise, diets, vitamins, chiropractors, etc. that may mask these symptoms, but it will not treat the underlying cause of them – you need to remove those acids from your organs and blood.

The only way for your organs to permanently heal is to eliminate the stored up acidity inside them. This is only accomplished through the bowel, and the bowel must be healthy enough to complete this work. If your stools are not well-formed and/or more than 2x a day, you are not properly eliminating acids and instead these toxins are going back into your blood and organs.

In order to begin healing your body you must start by absorbing the excess toxicity in your organs and blood and eliminate it properly. We use Body Bentonite to remove the acidity in your blood and organs because it binds to toxins, making it easier for you to eliminate them. In this way, Body Bentonite acts like a crutch, as it can immediately improve your stools and help you feel better, but it is also helping eliminate acids stored in your organs, resulting in  a permanent improvement of your health.  

For more information about Body Bentonite please read our article, The Importance of Body Bentonite.

How This Program Heals Your Bowel

Besides healing your body, this program also heals your bowel so that you can eliminate these toxins effortlessly. Getting those toxins out of your body is important to feeling better and looking better, but your bowel needs to be equipped for that. This program will help you do that!

Achieving a healthy bowel begins and ends with healing your bowel bacteria environment. With the use of high amounts of probiotics, or with our product, Bowel Strength, you can start rebuilding your damaged bowel bacteria environment. This process takes time. You don’t assume your house can be rebuilt within a few weeks and you shouldn’t expect that of your bowel, either. Bowel Strength, or high amounts of probiotics, eliminate the “bad” bacteria in your bowel while supporting the growth of new “good” bacteria. A healthy bowel eliminates acids properly, can absorb and produce the correct amount of healthy nutrients, and digest foods, even dairy/wheat, without any trouble. Without Bowel Strength, or probiotics, you will not be healing your bowel. Remember, crutches don’t heal!

For more information on Bowel Strength and probiotics please read our article Acidophilus Probiotic and Bowel Strength – What They Are And Why It’s So Important

Final Thoughts

When you do this program, you will eliminate all of your symptoms, weight gain, addictions, and disease. You will look and feel great, and all without any need for “crutches”, such as exercise, diet, drugs, vitamins, etc. You won’t have any more drug, alcohol or caffeine addictions, and won’t be stressed about eating the right foods, or exercising enough. What other program can do that? The key is eliminating those acids from your organs and blood, and healing your bowel and this will lead on the path to looking and feeling great!

For more information on the Unique Healing program please read our book, Unique Healing.

There you will find all of the most important details for successfully completing the Unique Healing program along with plenty other helpful information. If you are interested in learning more not just about our program, but about how the body works, and how we’ve been led so far off the healing path, this book is for you.

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