Why Vitamins are Perfume for Your Trash

Think about vitamins like this. You have a large pile of trash in your home, and to keep it from smelling you spray it with perfume everyday. It can be different brands, but still just a perfume that masks the smell. But it does nothing to actually get rid of the trash in the first place! So it just keeps piling up and getting bigger, which can become overwhelming. 

Vitamins are like that perfume. They do nothing to actually eliminate the toxins in your body, but just mask the symptoms to make you believe they are healing. They do not fix the bowel to eliminate the acidity. Just like you would need more and more perfume to mask a growing pile of trash, you will need larger amounts of the vitamins to continue to mask your symptoms. Vitamins will always fail you, as they will have you believing that they are healing, when they aren’t. That is why we recommend Bowel Strength, Probiotics & Body Bentonite because these DO heal and will make you look and feel better at the same time. 

The Problem with B-12 Shots

When your bowel is healthy, you will produce enough B-12 for your body’s needs. A healthy bowel is what increases B-12, not a vegetarian diet. When the bowel is not healthy, B-12 becomes a “crutch”. A crutch is something our body relies on to feel or look better, but is not actually doing the healing. So when you use B-12 as a crutch, you will only feel better when you take it. 

Most of the time, the results from a B-12 shot will only last about one day, having you believe it is working and doing what it should. But it would be something you have to get often to continue feeling good. It can be expensive and uncomfortable, and there really are no long term effects from taking it. The alternative is taking a smaller amount of a B-12 supplement, Unique Healing Methyl B-12, everyday to actually make a difference. But, to have permanent and effortless results it’s important to continue following the program to heal your bowel. 

Don’t Take EFAs/Fish Oils

Essential fatty acids and fish oils are both totally unnecessary and not recommended. They do nothing to improve your healing and really don’t make a difference to your symptoms. As we mentioned above, crutches don’t heal, and these are another crutch. They may make you feel slightly better, but they will not fix the underlying causes. 

You also need a lot of them to really feel better, while you can use Calcium Citrate instead to have the same effect using a lot less. Again, these are like perfume and really will only mask those symptoms and have you believing they are helping. 

EFAs can be found in healthy foods, rather than taking them as a supplement. If you eat healthy fats, such as avocados, olive oil, nuts, etc., you are getting those EFAs your body needs. Often you can have symptoms such as inflammation and dry skin, and think that EFAs or fish oils will fix this. But these symptoms are caused by uneliminated acids and an unhealthy bowel and body. So this underlying cause needs to be fixed first. Save your money, and don’t waste it on EFAs or fish oils!

Remember, vitamins are only useful as long as you are taking them; they don’t fix the root of the problem. If your home has 100 holes in the roof and you put a tarp over it to keep the inside dry it will only stay dry as long as the tarp stays over your roof. Vitamins are tarps to keep you dry; you can use them to look and feel better but if you aren’t simultaneously fixing the holes in your roof (healing your bowel) you aren’t fixing the problem. 

For more information on vitamins and other crutches please read chapter four, “Why Vitamin/Supplement, Drug, Exercise, and Physical Modality Crutches Don’t Work”, of Unique Healing.

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