• Why THIS Unique Program Works

    Why THIS Unique Program Works
    The Unique Healing Program truly is unique, as you won’t find any others that heal your body and your bowel as this program does. Most programs you find will merely mask your symptoms and have you feeling better and looking better, but not healing the underlying causes. If you don’t fix those “holes” in the roof, and merely mask them with a tarp (diets,...
  • The Right Way to Detox

    The Right Way to Detox
    Detoxing isn’t the same as it used to be and is often completely misunderstood. Often if you are “detoxing” you think this means you are eliminating toxins, but in fact you are not. The implications of a typical detox program has you believe you will be eliminating toxins from your body and the substances that cause disease, when you are only eliminating some of...
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