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Unique Healing® Starter Package: These are the 4 basic ingredients for your success with this program. Get them together in this Starter Package.

  • "Unique Healing®book--provides concepts critical to your success, as well as instructions for implementing this program.
  • 1 bottle of Bowel Strength--a product used to heal the bacterial environment in your bowel.
  • 1 bottle of Body Bentonite--a product used to eliminate a lifetime of stored acids/toxins/heavy metals/chemicals, etc. from your body.
  • $84.95, includes S&H--A $12.85 SAVINGS over buying these items individually! Orders are usually sent within 2-3 business days after they are received.


“The Unique Healing program completely brought my energy back. My skin is more beautiful at 30 than it was at 24, my menstrual cycle is normal, the joint pain in my knees has vanished, and so much more. Body Bentonite is my favorite thing on the planet and my fears behind food are gone. I encourage anyone who struggles with a disease of some kind or maybe you just want to feel your best self to try this program.” - Alyssa, 30, client since 2015

“My food allergies used to be totally out of control. I couldn’t eat anything - especially gluten, dairy, sugar, or grains of any kind without feeling terrible for days. After six months on Bowel Strength and taking Body Bentonite I suddenly started to be able to tolerate foods I couldn’t before. It wasn’t long until I could eat absolutely anything I wanted to and still feel fine. I’m so grateful I found this extraordinary way to take back my health. “- Julie-Anne, 52, client since 2015

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