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Unique Healing® Starter Package: These are the 4 basic ingredients for your success with this program. Get them together in this Starter Package.

  • "Unique Healing®book--provides concepts critical to your success, as well as instructions for implementing this program.
  • 1 bottle of Bowel Strength--a product used to heal the bacterial environment in your bowel.
  • 1 bottle of Body Bentonite--a product used to eliminate a lifetime of stored acids/toxins/heavy metals/chemicals, etc. from your body.
  • $84.95, includes S&H--A $12.85 SAVINGS over buying these items individually! Orders are usually sent within 2-3 business days after they are received.

International Orders: Additional charges will apply. For the cost of the package outside the U.S.A., please send e-mail to Unique Healing Team with the location to which this is to be shipped. She will e-mail you with the amount of the shipping charges.

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