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Unique Healing® Body Bentonite Powder contains all natural, highly purified and fine, white, bentonite powder, which accelerates the elimination of acids, toxins, and metals from your body. A very important component of the Unique Healing Program, the use of Body Bentonite can quickly improve your elimination and intestinal issues, and speed up your weight loss and elimination of symptoms, addictions, and disease. A very convenient, and cost-effective, alternative to other bentonite clay products. Instructions for the use of this product, a necessity for your success with it, are found in Unique Healing

Ingredients: Food-grade, purified white sodium bentonite

$12.45/pound plus shipping and handling* Orders are usually sent within 2-3 business days after they are received.

Note: Each pound contain approximately 50 tablespoons of bentonite powder.)

* Shipping Charges (within the U.S.A.) are: 1, 1 pound bag: $7.50; 2-4, 1 pound bags: $5.50/bag; 5-9, 1 pound bags: $2.95/bag, 10, 1 pound bags: $2.00/bag.

International Orders: For shipping charges outside the U.S.A., please send e-mail to Unique Healing Team with the location to which supplements are to be shipped and how many bottles you wish to order. She will e-mail you with the amount of the shipping charges.

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