Have Better Bowel Movements While You’re Healing

Having the right kind of bowel movements is a key aspect to your healing and reducing your symptoms. Many symptoms can be caused by improper elimination, so it’s important to be sure your bowel movements are as they should be. When you have good stools, that means you have no infections and no excess acidity, which is the goal. 

When you have these well-formed bowel movements, you will eliminate infections, gas, bloating, and diarrhea. You will have better energy, less reflux, retain less water, sleep better, etc., all because the acidity is out of your body. Your bowel movements are a guideline to how well you are eliminating acids, and there is a detailed explanation of how they should look in the first Unique Healing book. 

If your stools are green or yellow or more than twice a day, you may have an infection and this needs to be addressed. You can take Unique Healing Colloidal Silver to fix the problem quickly. If you have bowel movements that are firm and well-formed and only once or twice a day, then no change is needed and you are on the right track. Finally, if your stools are not the first or second option, you need more Body Bentonite, so be sure to take the right amount. 

You’re Still Healing with Imperfect Bowel Movements

It is important to realize that even when your stools aren’t perfect and looking like we mentioned above, that you are still healing and they will eventually improve. Just know the potential of what is to come, and getting perfect stools is incredibly hard. It will take time doing this program to see a difference in your bowel movements, so be patient!

Healing takes time! So having better bowel movements will take time as well. If you have stools that are once a day and well-formed, this is good enough. It means there is still a lot more acidity coming out of your body and you should be feeling less symptoms. But perfection will come at the end!

You will definitely feel best when you have the perfect bowel movements, but you will feel better if your bowels are at least improved. You will heal with the program, but just be sure you are taking aggressive amounts of both Body Bentonite and Bowel Strength to move it along. 

How to Fix Yellow/Green Stools

As we mentioned above, having yellow or green stools isn’t good and means you have some sort of fungal, bacterial, or parasitic infection. But, you can’t heal your bowel overnight so you will still be faced with these types of infections. It will take time until your bowel is strong enough to fight off these infections. 

These infections will not only affect your bowel movements, but also have you feeling lousy. But, that doesn’t mean you should blame the program! It will take time for your body to heal enough to fight these off, so they are still possible while you heal your bowel. 

To help fix these yellow/green stools, the best option is to use UH Colloidal Silver and take the correct amount, and you will see the results within 24 hours. This is a crutch to help you feel better, while you continue to heal your bowel to fight the infections on its own. 

One misunderstanding is that these types of stools can be caused by Body Bentonite, but that is not the case. It is merely because you have an existing infection. The bentonite is allowing the “trash” to come out of your body so you can actually see what is going on inside. So this can bring to light that you have some sort of infection that you weren’t aware of before. But, it is not the cause. 

Ultimately, when you continue to follow the program and take the correct amounts of Body Bentonite and Bowel Strength, you will heal your bowel so that it is strong enough to fight off any future infections, and continue to eliminate the acids from your body. Be patient and those perfect bowel movements will come!

For more information on bowel movements please read chapter six, “Healthy Poop/Elimination Explained”, of Unique Healing.

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