How Diets Work with the Healing of Your Bowel

Diets are what we call a “crutch.” They can often manipulate your symptoms while you are healing your bowel to feel better and look better, but it doesn’t mean it is addressing the underlying causes. Diets can buffer some of the acids in your bloodstream that cause symptoms, weight gain, and bad blood tests, but they do NOT heal. 

Think of diets as tarps you put over your roof. If your roof has a million holes in it a tarp keeps your kitchen from getting wet, but it doesn’t do anything to fix the holes in your roof. 

To actually heal your body, you need to be eliminating acids that are destroying your organs, so that less acids are going into your bloodstream (fixing the holes in your roof!). Often, people will go to a practitioner and be given a strict diet, along with hundreds of dollars of supplements. After a week, you may begin to feel better and believe it is due to the supplements, while it is actually your diet. Many practitioners don’t give a strong enough dose of your supplements to make a big enough difference, which is what makes our program unique. 

You also can’t feel your bowel healing in a week; it takes time! So taking supplements for a week isn’t going to magically remove all of those acids stored from your organs. But, when a diet is done along with this program, you will feel better, while healing at the same time. 

Top Five Diet Tips to Complement the Program

The key to a successful diet along with your bowel health is the right kind of foods. Here are some tips to be sure you are feeling better and giving your body what it needs.

Eat Healthy Fats & Veggies

These are the only two categories you should eat in excess, as they reduce the acids in your bloodstream. Healthy fats include things like olive oil, avocados, as well as cream, cheese, and butter. When you eat things like chicken or turkey, they lower the acids in your blood but raise them in your organs. When you eat fruit and carbs, they reduce the acids in your organs, but raise the acids in your bloodstream, causing more symptoms. 

Eat Less Acidic Foods

Change as many of the basics of your diet to options with less acid. This can be switching from salt to sea salt, distilled vinegar to rice or cider vinegar, regular milk to yogurt or cheese. The less acids you can add to your body the better!

Eat Easy-to-Digest Foods

Start out your day with a light breakfast, rather than a large breakfast that you will be working to digest all day. One way to think about it is you don’t want the people working on your house eating all day, and not be able to remodel your house. The same is for your body; you don’t want your body digesting all day, instead of trying to heal. 

Some of the easy-to-digest foods are soft-cooked eggs, fish, sourdough breads, and healthy fats and veggies. 

Do Not Increase Carbs

Do not think that because you are doing this program that it is time for you to increase your carbs. It will take 6, 12, or 18 months until you are healed enough to begin increasing your carbs, while still feeling okay. The acids from carbs go into your bloodstream, so it is something to be careful with. 

Be Patient!

Many diets can manipulate you to get your results fast, and think that healing is happening as well. But that isn’t the case! Our program will give you the long term results you need to heal your bowel, as well as have long term results on your diet. You will desire less coffee, less sugar, and desire more carbs and healthy fats and veggies. It will just take time!

Final Thoughts

A change in your diet can change how you feel while you heal which can result in a much better experience, but it’s important to know the right types of food. Remember that this program takes time and a diet won’t heal the underlying causes, but can complement it while you heal your bowel!

For more information on diets and other crutches please read chapter five, “Why Diet Crutches Don’t Work”, of Unique Healing.

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