How Weight Loss & Exercise Work with your Bowel Health

Exercise and weight loss can both play a part in healing your bowel, but it’s important to know the key aspects to each so that they can be done successfully. You want the process of healing your bowel to be comfortable and make you feel better, but more importantly fix the underlying causes of your health issues. Exercise and weight loss do not mean that you are healing, but rather help you feel better while you do this program. 

The Keys to Weight Loss

When you do this program correctly, losing weight will become effortless and permanent. It’s just important to know how to do the program the right way, and be sure you are taking the correct steps. You will lose weight in this program because you will be eliminating acids, which is what causes stored fat. 

But what if you aren’t losing weight? There is definitely a reason behind that, and it isn’t because of the program. One of the common reasons can be the loss of a “crutch”. A “crutch” is something you relied on previously to lose weight, such as exercise, a low carb diet, or a low calorie diet. If you relied on this crutch before starting the program, and then decided to drop the crutch, your body is going to react. Those symptoms that had been gone, will now return and cause you to gain weight again. 

As mentioned above, you WILL lose weight doing this program, but sometimes it will take time to remove all of those stored acids to keep them from going into your bloodstream, which results in weight loss. So if you want to lose weight quickly, there are a few things you can do. 

The first would be to make sure you are using Body Bentonite correctly, and taking enough to make a difference. If you use this product correctly, you will have well formed bowels and you will be healing your liver so that you won’t store extra fat. 

The second would be to introduce a “crutch” as we mentioned above. The introduction to one of these crutches will cause you to lose more weight, but remember, they are not healing the underlying causes. They will merely help you feel and look better while you are healing. You can do a low calorie diet, exercise, or eat a low carb/high protein diet (although that is not recommended as it is very damaging to your body). Just remember that these can assist in your recovery, but focusing on your bowel health is how you will permanently feel and look better. 

If you use exercise to manage your weight or mood, don’t stop doing this when you start this program. The use of exercise, which is nontoxic and much healthier than prescription drugs, will always be a better choice than letting yourself suffer. As you become healthier on this program your need to exercise will decrease and you should reach a point where you exercise because you enjoy it, not because you need it. 

The Dangers of Exercise for Weight Loss

You may be wondering how exercise can be dangerous for your health, but it can be! When you exercise to lose weight, there is a high demand for energy from your body. So it will begin to break down fat to turn it into energy. But, when you have extra fat, that doesn’t mean it is from not exercising, which means exercising is not the cure. 

When you have a healthy liver, it prevents the accumulation of fat that comes from acids, which is what you will have from this program. It is not exercising that will stop the accumulation of fat, it is a healthy liver that will. So when you are exercising and looking and feeling good, it will make you think that you don’t have any damage to your body and that you are healthy, when there in fact could be hidden problems. You can believe the weight loss is from exercise, because it is a “crutch”. Exercise gives you a false sense of good health, which is the biggest reason that it is dangerous. 

You also will begin to gain weight if you stop exercising, because your body relied on this “crutch” and if it is removed, your weight will start accumulating again. Fat also protects the acids in your body, so when you are removing this fat using exercise it leaves the acids exposed and sitting around in the arteries, cells, pancreas, etc. Your body will then work harder to protect the acids. 

Final Thoughts

Exercise can give you a false sense of security, thinking that you will lose weight and become “healthy”. But exercise will not heal your body. You need to fix the underlying causes, which will assist in your attempt to lose weight. You need to be sure you are doing the program correctly, and eating the right foods, and weight loss will become effortless and permanent! Keep in mind, exercise for pleasure is healthy; exercise out of necessity is not!

For more information on weight loss and exercise please read chapter four, “Why Vitamin/Supplement, Drug, Exercise, and Physical Modality Don’t Work”, of Unique Healing.

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