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Unique Healing was founded over 30 years ago when Donna Pessin, the Unique Healing founder, was on a personal mission to treat and cure her health issues. When Donna was just 22 years old, she was suffering from a devastating autoimmune disease. At the time she had no idea why she was sick. All she knew was that her debilitating symptoms like dizziness, anxiety, insomnia, neck and back pain, and headaches were unbearable.

Donna sought treatment from a host of many doctors and a variety of alternative practitioners, including herbalists, chiropractors, homeopaths, acupuncturists, and massage therapists. Despite her efforts to get well, Donna didn’t see any long term improvements in her health. It was then that she realized she needed to take her life and her health into her own hands. Since the medical field - both traditional and alternative - had failed her and couldn’t provide her with an effective treatment plan, she decided it was time to create one herself.

Early on in her illness, Donna had read about the importance of bowel health and the problems of excess toxicity in the body. Frustrated and with no other options, she revisited this information and continued studying this alternative approach, including going back to school and getting certified as a nutritionist and alternative healthcare practitioner. With this passion, Donna dove into a way to heal her bowel safely and aggressively. After Donna uncovered the steps to heal her bowel, her symptoms disappeared. She was finally free from allergies, PMS, body aches, anxiety, depression, constipation, and other symptoms that had plagued her for years. The Unique Healing program is the result of Donna’s tried-and-true research and practices and have now cured hundreds of others who were once struggling with being in charge of their own health.

Donna’s family has always been involved in Unique Healing - both in following the program and helping with the business end of things. Her family members have played key roles behind-the-scenes at Unique Healing for years. After working alongside Donna for many years, they’ve now taken on leadership roles. Her ex-husband, Scott, was there at the beginning and helped support Donna as she developed the Unique Healing program. He has played an important role in sustaining and managing the Unique Healing brand. Together they had two children, both raised with the Unique Healing practices and products. Easten, her son, had his first job with Unique Healing, packaging orders, filing documents and getting him and his mom lunch during their breaks. As he got older he kept listening and learning from his mother as they worked side by side and has now moved into a vital leadership role. Their passionate belief and commitment to the Unique Healing program makes them a natural fit for the new leaders behind the brand.

For Easten, growing up with the Unique Healing program was truly a blessing. Having the information and answers to tough questions made navigating teenage issues like acne and hormones much less scary and intimidating. Throughout his life he has confidently cared for his health and this has afforded him many freedoms and opportunities. “I am grateful to have this knowledge about health. Without it I wouldn’t be proud or confident in my body as I am now.” These are just a few reasons why he is excited and committed to leading Unique Healing forward with the hope that more people can be part of the healing process.

As part of the Unique Healing family he shares in the passion of trying to help people through nutrition and healing the body naturally. “The key to health is a balanced lifestyle and making sure your gut is healthy” and that is what this program is all about. A landscape architect by training he knows how nature has the power to heal and has seen the Unique Healing program reverse so many health-related issues. He is excited that people are really looking to find solutions after having conventional medicine let them down.

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