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Relying on crutches to look and feel great will always fail you.  There are an endless number of crutches - vitamins, drugs, exercise, food allergy diets, low carbohydrate diets, low calorie diets, fasting, detoxification programs, enemas, chiropractic, acupuncture, alcohol, recreational drugs, etc. These do nothing to heal your bowel and/or help your body eliminate the acids/toxins that cause your symptoms, weight problems, disease, and addictions (in fact, many of these approaches actually contribute to a less healthy bowel and body).


To heal your bowel, you must rebuild your bacterial environment with very aggressive, temporary, and individualized amounts of bacterial-building herbs, as found in Bowel Strength, or Unique Healing Probiotic Powder. The correct application of these is a necessity for success, and Unique Healing teaches you how to use these properly so that remarkable results are achieved. Simultaneously, you will be eliminating years of stored acids, which cause all of your symptoms and illness, with powerful amounts acid-eliminating Body Bentonite.

Why We're Different...

No one has ever taught you how to heal your bowel; Unique Healing will.


Unique Healing began over 30 years ago.

Created by Donna Pessin, and sustained by her family, Unique Healing has been a beacon of hope for thousands of clients guiding both those in relative good health to those who've been told they have no other options.

Easten pessin

For Easten, growing up with the Unique Healing program was truly a blessing. Having the information and answers to tough questions made navigating teenage issues like acne and hormones much less scary and intimidating. Throughout his life he has confidently cared for his health and this has afforded him many freedoms and opportunities. “I am grateful to have this knowledge about health. Without it I wouldn’t be as proud or confident in my body as I am now.” This is just one reason why he is committed to leading Unique Healing forward, and with the hope that more people can join in the freedoms this program provides.

Donna pessin

In her early 20s, Donna had read about the importance of bowel health and the problems of excess toxicity in the body. Frustrated, and with no other options, she revisited this information and continued studying this alternative approach, including going back to school and getting certified as a nutritionist and alternative healthcare practitioner. Donna passionately dove into her study on how to heal her bowel safely and effectively. After Donna uncovered the way to heal the bowel, her symptoms disappeared. She was finally free from allergies, PMS, body aches, anxiety, depression, constipation, and other symptoms that had plagued her for years. The Unique Healing program is the result of Donna’s tried-and-true research and practices and have now cured hundreds of others who were once struggling with being in charge of their own health.

scott pessin

As part of the Unique Healing family he shares in the belief of helping people through nutrition and healing the body naturally. “The key to health is a balanced lifestyle and making sure your gut is healthy, and that is what this program is all about." A landscape architect by training he knows how nature has the power to heal and has seen the Unique Healing program reverse so many health-related issues. He is inspired by people's bravery to find solutions after conventional and alternative medicine have let them down.


Our goal is to awaken and renew the way people think about their health. Our free ebook gives you the rundown on how and why the Western world has become so lost and confused. In our book, Unique Healing, the three essential elements of revitalizing and transforming your health are clearly presented. The book is broken down into three main sections:

Where am i?

Why do your symptoms never go away permanently? Why is your health declining year after year even though you've taken drastic steps to change your diet and way of living? Why does is seem like there is a new "answer" every year, but that the "answer" is never the same? You get the answers to these questions, and many more, as we walk you through the real cause of your symptoms, diseases, and addictions. 

how did i get here?

How is our world progressing so quickly yet our overall wellbeing seems to be only getting worse? We walk you through the ways you've been mislead and misinformed by a healthcare system which relies on temporary fixes and reactionary conclusions. Once you see how deeply the flaws of the system run you will understand why it is so hard for people to get out from underneath it and take back control of their health.

What can i do to move forward?

Finally, we offer you a plan and a solution. We don't require drastic changes to your diet, exercise, or environment but we do ask for something absolutely, without compromise: you must be willing to listen to the possibility that there is a way OUT of what you always thought was definite. You must believe you are not destined to a life of endless supplements, doctor visits, chiropractic, pharmaceuticals, etc. All we require is a willingness to try. The rest will come as you see your body and mind heal in ways you never thought possible.

Our goal isn't to offer you temporary relief of your symptoms. There are plenty of products for that. We want you to be independent. We want you to have a healthy body that doesn't need products to feel "right".  

- Unique Healing Family

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