When You Heal Your Bowel and Body With This Program…

    • You will look and feel great—without needing to use crutches, like vitamins, herbs, drugs, recreational drugs, exercise, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc….
    • You will be able to eat a lot of carbohydrates and not gain weight!
    • You will be able to eat all foods—including wheat and dairy—without reacting to them.
    • You will crave a healthy, high carbohydrate, low sugar diet.
    • Your addictions will be gone, and will stay gone, effortlessly.
    • Fear of diseases will be eliminated.
    • You will be in control of your health and weight.
    • You will forgive yourself for your health and weight problems!

    Healing Your Bowel Will Never Fail You

    • Un-eliminated acids/toxins—from diet, stress, drugs, and chemicals and pollutants– cause symptoms, addictions, illness, and weight problems.
    • Unique Healing teaches you how to heal your bowel so these acids/toxins can be completely, comfortably, effortlessly, and permanently eliminated.
    • No one has ever taught you how to heal your bowel; the program in Unique Healing will.
    • Relying on crutches—vitamins, drugs, exercise, food allergy diets, low carbohydrate diets, low calorie diets, alkaline diets, fasting, detoxification programs, laxatives, enemas, chiropractic, acupuncture, alcohol, recreational drugs, nicotine and all other addictive substances, etc.—to look and feel great will always fail you. These do nothing to heal your bowel and/or help your body eliminate the acids/toxins that cause your symptoms, weight problems, disease, and addictions (in fact, some of these approaches contribute to a less healthy bowel and body).
    • To heal your bowel, you must rebuild the internal bacterial environment of it with very aggressive, temporary, and individualized amounts of bacterial-building herbs, as found in Bowel Strength, or in products like probiotics. The correct application of these is a necessity for success, and “Unique Healing” teaches you how to use these properly so that remarkable results are achieved.
    • While you are healing your bowel, you will also be directed in the aggressive use of a natural and safe substance (called Body Bentonite) to accelerate the elimination of acidity/toxicity from your body, and the healing of your body. This produces a rapid improvement in your elimination, symptoms, weight, and addictions as well (something laxatives, psyllium, colon cleansers, enemas and colonics do not do).
    • This program ends. You will not need these bowel and body-healing supplements forever (unlike programs that depend on crutches and therefore, your results depend on your using them constantly/forever). At the end of this program you will look and feel great. All symptoms and illnesses will be gone. All addictions will be gone. This program eliminates numerous conditions that you may have been told you have to “live with.” You will crave a healthy diet and your fear and confusion around food will be eliminated. You will be able to eat a lot of carbohydrates and look and feel great. This includes the consumption of gluten/wheat products, as well as other foods you may be sensitive to now. You will not need to take additional vitamins or other supplements either. Nor will you have a need for the chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist, or other such practitioner. You will feel utterly empowered and fear of weight gain and disease will no longer control you.
    • “It makes sense,” is the most common reaction to this information.
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