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Meet Jewls! She suffered throughout her life because she couldn't eat what she wanted, when she wanted! A friend of hers recommended the program to her and by her account, her life was NEVER THE SAME. Listen to her story here.

Laura Fox

Meet Laura Fox. Like some, she grew up with an interest in health. Her interest in Unique Healing came from her mother who was a strong advocate of the program. Unique Healing helped Sarah with her acne and menstrual pains.

Gary Glui

As a spiritual life coach, martial arts master, and a 9x certified strength and conditioning expert Gary knows all about 'health and wellness'...or so he thought. After training some of the most profound names in the industry he was sure that he would be able to deal with his newfound case of GI Distress. Nothing he tried worked until he found Unique Healing. 

More Client Testimonials...

K-Lee Atwell-Stoltz (Age 47)

"Unique Healing was for me a literal lifesaver. At the age of 24, I was so sick that water brought me to tears because of the pain in my stomach. Unique Healing gently walked me through changes in diet and lifestyle and I watched my health become restored. I learned what my body needed and found incredible success with minimal supplements. I took only two supplements for a year and I saw a powerful transformation in my health that I have maintained for over 23 years now. Throughout my life, I have continued to return to Unique Healing because of their expertise. I am forever indebted to Unique Healing for saving my life and instilling in me a lifelong desire to pursue health."

Julie (Age 52)

"My food allergies used to be totally out of control. I couldn’t eat anything - especially wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, or grains of any kind - without feeling terrible for days afterward. I had to be super strict about only eating vegetables, nuts, meat, and some fruit. After a while anything I ate just made me feel awful. It was so discouraging. Then a friend of mine told me about Unique Healing. Willing to try anything to stop this downward cycle, I dove in to the program. After six months on Bowel Strength and Body Bentonite I suddenly was able to tolerate foods I couldn’t before. I was amazed. I kept the process going and it wasn’t long until I could eat absolutely anything I wanted to - dairy, sugar, bread, pasta - and still feel fine. It was an absolute miracle. My friends that had known me before and were all too familiar with my inability to eat normal foods were amazed that now I could. I’d explain to them the Unique Healing process and it would seem too good to be true, too simple to work. But it does. And I am living proof. I’m so grateful I found this extraordinary way to take back my health. Yes, it takes time and patience and a bit of financial commitment, but it is totally worth it. In fact, it’s priceless. I still have a bit of a ways to go to complete the process of healing, but I’m super excited to get there. I’m already feeling so much better than I did, I can’t wait to feel and look even better."

Erin (Age 39)

"Unique Healing's products gave me my life back about 10 years ago. I am so eternally grateful for their help."

Alyssa (Age 30)

"In 2015 I was fortunate enough to have a phone consultation with Unique Healing and after that call my life completely CHANGED FOR THE BETTER. I not only ordered the book but I did exactly what they advised me to do. Thankfully their book has a plethora of information with all the necessary tools to bring a healthier you and to this day I refer back to it as my source. I, like many others, had been searching high and low for answers. I tried doctor visits one after another, vitamins, holistic practitioners, western medicine doctors (what a joke), yet I experienced many late night tears of stress and fear of what was happening inside my body. I suffer from Hashimoto’s and ALL the shitty symptoms that come with it... hair loss, joint pain, acne, weight loss, weight gain, headaches, fatigue, etc. I was constantly told that it was all in my head and that I was just stressed. Unique Healing came into my life at the perfect time and her program has brought me my ENERGY back, my skin is more beautiful at 30 than it was at 24, my menstrual cycle is normal, my joint pain in my knees has vanished, and so much more. I'm forever grateful for Unique Healing!! Body Bentonite is my favorite thing on the planet and my fears about food are gone. I encourage anyone who struggles with a disease of some kind or even if you just want to feel your best self to try this program. Get educated! Be your own health advocate and try this. I no longer spend money on crap I don't need. Instead, I rely on this program because it has taught me tools for a healthy lifestyle."

Shelia (Age 69)

"For several years I had extreme muscle fatigue and pain in my legs. I was an office manager in a dental office and was up and down for nine hours a day. This went on for over a year and it never eased up. I went to my primary doctor and he ordered blood work. He thought maybe polymyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis. Well it wasn’t either. He gave me a prescription for anti-inflammatory medication. I took that and alternated it with Motrin. I had to stop taking the meds because of what they were doing to my stomach. He suggested I see a rheumatologist. They did blood work again but the results were the same as before. I was so frustrated, was hurting so badly, and just wanted answers. I actually WANTED something to be wrong so at least I could get treated. I read about a chiropractor who was having a seminar on this type of issue and decided I would go. She was very interesting and talked a lot about leaky gut syndrome and how having a healthy gut was very important for my overall health. I had no idea having a healthy gut was so important. It really made sense. I set up an appointment with her and took copies of all my blood work for her to see. She gave me brochures and information on diet as well. She went over the entire program with me but the grand total for all that was over $8000. I was so disappointed because I just couldn’t do that. So with the information she gave me I was going to do all my own research. I searched the internet for anything about leaky gut. I had no idea how common it was, and all the information I needed was right there. Bentonite clay kept coming up. I read about all the benefits of bentonite and I felt I needed to give it a try. I saw there were YouTube videos and that’s where I started. Donna Pessin came up and she explained how it works and why it is so good for you. I watched the videos several times. I read both of her books. It all made sense. I ordered some bentonite clay. This clay has so many benefits but I’m only going to talk about one of the most important things it’s done for my health. I have been drinking Bentonite mixed with water every day for about eight years. The first few days I really didn’t feel anything different. After about a week I noticed I wasn’t retaining as much water. There was a very slight relief in my pain, and I wasn’t constantly thinking about it either. About a month went by and I realized I hadn’t been thinking about my pain at all! It was there, but nothing like I had experienced before. I started walking about a half mile daily, and I felt really good. I increased the distance weekly. About two months later I had absolutely no pain. Now, about eight years later, I am in the best shape of my life. I walk between 4-5 miles almost every day, I’ve run a half marathon and several 5k’s, and I just turned 69."

Willow (Age 56)

"I've suffered from GI issues most of my life, including chronic constipation. Many years ago, I started working with Unique Healing, using Bowel Strength with excellent success. It's a staple in my diet and continues to help me enormously. I'm incredibly grateful. I would highly recommend this product."

Elizabeth (Age 74)

"I first encountered the Unique Healing program while doing an Internet search on digestive issues. My search very quickly brought me to the YouTube videos regarding this particular program authored by Donna Pessin. I was immediately struck by the quality of her research and by the fact that she herself had been dramatically healed by the protocols that she outlines in her videos and books. She was so believable and crystal-clear in her presentation that I knew I could trust her and the program she was describing. She had a profound understanding of human physiology and the interconnectedness of all the systems in the body. I began to realize that my digestive issues were not restricted to digestion but had far-reaching implications for my entire health, both physical and mental. For the first time, I understood why I had been plagued by so many physical challenges since I was a child. With that new understanding I was inspired to embark on the Unique Healing program. I loved the fact that the protocol was so simple and inexpensive. It just required dedication and persistence. I purchased the products I needed (mainly the Bentonite clay) and began what essentially was a thorough-going detox program. With Donna's books to guide me and her YouTube videos to inspire me, I very quickly settled into the protocol and began experiencing the benefits. Occasionally I would write to Donna if I had a question, and I always received a response. Whether I was in direct contact, simply watching videos, or reading the books, I felt like I had a personal coach encouraging me and cheering me on. Little by little I felt a transformation taking place. My digestion, which had been so dysfunctional, became regular and normal, and this in turn affected all of my other bodily systems including my skin which became clear and radiant. In every sense, I felt lighter and brighter. It truly was a transformation from the inside out. I continued the protocol for as long as needed, and have been returning to the protocol only when I feel the need for a "reboot." I am now 74 years old. I work full-time as a holistic nurse and have never felt better in my life!"Kate (Age 65) "One of the reasons I started this program was because of migraines. I had terrible migraines for years, which would last three days before going away. I tried everything to get rid of them: caffeine, acupuncture, lymphatic massage, muscle relaxants and other medication, but nothing worked. They might work temporarily, but the headaches would always rebound back. Both my mother and sister had migraines, so I assumed it was hereditary, and that I would have to live with them. I heard about this program through a friend and thought it sounded interesting. I learned that headaches and migraines were caused by excess acidity in your body that is not eliminated. Un-eliminated acids trigger an inflammatory response by your lymphatic system to buffer these acids. It’s your body’s way of protecting itself. The reason my headaches kept coming back after lymphatic massage and other alternative treatments was because the acids or toxins were not being eliminated through a healthy bowel. A healthy bowel and healthy elimination was the key. I also learned that the strong medication recommended for migraines actually added more acidity to the body, defeating the purpose. This all made perfect sense to me, so I enthusiastically started the program. I began taking the Body Bentonite, which binds to and eliminates acids, and Calcium Citrate, which is an alkalizing mineral that neutralizes acids. However, the healing did not happen overnight. It took years for my body to get to this place, and it would probably take some time to heal my body and get rid of the migraines entirely. When I did get a headache, I would take some more Body Bentonite and, gradually, they became less severe and shorter in duration. I also learned that diet was really important in eliminating acids and that changing my diet was not going to happen immediately, but over time. Like many people, I thought a high protein diet was healthy. If I didn’t eat protein I would have a low blood sugar attack and feel like I was going to faint. I learned that a high protein diet is very acidic and hard to digest. If your body is constantly trying to digest the acids in protein, then it is not able to work on healing. A high protein diet made me feel better in the short term, but it was just contributing more acids to my body, making my bowel unhealthy and less able to eliminate acids. Gradually, as I began to eliminate acids with Body Bentonite, I naturally started to desire healthier foods. It took about a year or so, but eventually, I found that I didn’t want high protein foods anymore. I started to desire foods like avocados, nut butters, soft cooked eggs, organic aged cheeses, some fish, as well as lots of vegetables. This is basically my diet today and I love it! It took about two years before the migraines and headaches were completely gone and I am so thankful!"

Jiri Kurz (Age 52)

"My name is Jiri and I was born in then Czechoslovakia, now called the Czech Republic. I escaped the communist regime in the year of 1985 over the mountains of Yugoslavia into Austria in a very dramatic on foot run being chased by German shepherds at times. After spending one year in refugee camp of Traiskirchen in Austria I was admitted into United States of which I am now a proud citizen. Since my early 20's I was interested in health and nutrition and practiced many sports. Over the years living in United States I used and tried and am familiar with nearly all supplements, natural treatments, health remedies, etc., just name them, I tried them. I was privileged to be around big names like Michael O'Brian - the father of enzymes and probiotics ( I should also mention Edward Howell Enzyme nutrition), Dan Clausing of Frequency Foods or Dr. Robert Young ( "Alkalize or Die" book). I went to lectures, seminars and used hundreds of products over the years to enhance my athletic ability and/or just out of curiosity as to what these products can do for human health and longevity. Simply said I thought I knew it all when it came to natural healings! That was until I came across Donna Pessin on YouTube. Donna shattered my world of knowledge and that is why I nicknamed her "Nicola Tesla of Nutrition". At first after listening to a couple of her YouTube videos I thought to myself "That cannot be... this is too much...what is she talking about...?" because everything I knew and understood about health and supplements went "Out of the window!" These are just "crutches" Donna would say, the real health is somewhere else! Real and lasting health from all disease is in "proper" detoxification and rebuilding (healing) the bowel which includes bringing the level of the good intestinal bacteria back to "normal" levels of 100-200 trillion, which takes somewhere between 2-4 years depending on how fast you go. Cleansing the bowel is not the same as healing the bowel - there is a big difference in those two. I estimate that average American has somewhere around 20 trillion beneficial bacteria in their colon. And to properly detox your body is not to take Chinese herbs and/or to stimulate the body with chiropractic or acupuncture treatments. It’s much more than that - the proper use of sodium bentonite clay in large amounts!!! What is a large amount you may ask? 2-4 capsules taken twice a day recommended by health practitioners? I have to laugh now when I know the truth, how about 50, 60, 70, 80 or more capsules taken daily for 2 years nonstop. That's where the real power of healing is, this is what Donna was talking about! The information that Donna brought to this world is worth $ 1 000 000 if you know what I mean! This knowledge is priceless! What would coaches of professional football, basketball and baseball teams pay for this knowledge when their injured players worth millions of dollar could recover 2-3 times faster? What would all the sick and dying people in hospitals out there give for having this knowledge? I am now 56 years old. When I lived in Denver, Colorado some 15 years ago I had a very bad car accident which could have easily killed me. I broke two of my rib bones and the steering wheel was imprinted in my chest. I was in so much pain for 6 months you have no idea. I could not have done one single push-up for half a year without screaming in pain. And right during that time I came across Donna and started using the bentonite healing clay in large amounts. “I have nothing to lose” I said to myself, “I am going to go overboard with it, stuffing myself all day long with clay.” “I will either die or live” I thought to myself. On my forehead was written "Bentonite clay user" ... just kidding. To my greatest surprise I started recovering so fast that it was mind boggling. I mean 2-3 weeks I was doing push-ups like there was no tomorrow. And not trying to brag here, but just recently in the Czech Republic in the summer of 2020 I did 350-360 pushups per session by doing sets of 15 and then going to lower sets of 10. It takes about 45 minutes to do 350 push-ups just in case you were wondering. All I was hearing was some crackling in my chest, but no pain!!! It took total of 10 Unique Healing Body Bentonite powder bags to completely recover from my injury. I used my own encapsulator to put the powder into capsules to save a little money. Thanks to applying Donna's healing principles the clay alone removed all the residues of acids and inflammation from my injured areas."

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