I drank too much when I started this program. I went to recovery centers all over the country, but I also went back to drinking. It has now been two years since I’ve done this program and I rarely drink now. This is by far the best result I’ve had from any of the programs I did.

I sleep better and have a lot more energy. This all happened right after starting this. I know I have a way to go, but I am excited and will keep healing my bowel and body until I am done!

Since following this program for six months, I have lost over 15 pounds. What is most amazing about this however is that I have not increased my exercise, and I find the foods that I am eating are very appealing and easy to stick with. Even when I eat poorly, I don’t immediately gain weight, like I used to.

For many years I had a daily headaches, which became migraines several times a month. I went to doctors, neurologists, acupuncturists, and took a bunch of vitamins, but none of it helped. Soon after starting this program my headaches became much less frequent.

When I first started this program, I had neck pain, hip pain, and back pain. Immediately those became better, but I still had to be careful if I ate too much sugar or was very stressed, for example. Now, even if I eat sugar or am stressed, the pain does not come back. It just disappeared.

I came to Unique Healing with a diagnosis of extreme adrenal exhaustion. My cortisol levels were completely out of whack. I took dozens of supplements every day for this and yet I still felt horrible most of the day. Since doing this program, I have been able to stop all of the adrenal supplements I was taking, which is shocking, and I feel better than I did when I was taking all of them.

I used to have allergies all spring long. This past spring, I had none. None!

This program was the first to explain why I was reacting to the foods that I ate the way that I did. I am no longer confused about what to eat, and I understand how and why certain foods affect me the way they do. Often, I will take extra Body Bentonite if I eat something I shouldn’t yet, and it prevents me from reacting badly to it.

My cholesterol was at 214 and my bowels were not well formed. Unique Healing told me that once they got slower and firmer my cholesterol would go down. I didn’t believe this, and I didn’t understand this, but sure enough, when I had my test re-done, I was constipated, and my cholesterol was at 187.

I suffered from constipation my entire life. I was constipated for years before I became ill, and I was constipated for years after I became ill. I tried every remedy in the book. I took lots of fiber, laxatives, ate handfuls of prunes, did numerous enemas and colonics, took massive amount of colon cleansing products, but none of them worked. Some of them gave me cramps and loose stools, but this did not feel good, and I knew this was not how things should be. This program eliminated my constipation.

I was diagnosed with diabetes right before I came to see Unique Healing. My blood sugar levels were always high. For the last two years now they have been normal, and they stay normal, even if I eat a lot of carbs or other foods, I was told by the medical office’s dietician I would need to stay away from forever.

Prior to this program I had to eat protein at least every few hours or else I was tired, achy, had brain fog, and was anxious. It was miserable and I knew it wasn’t right. I carried protein snacks with me every day. The second I missed one of these my symptoms came screaming back. Also, if I missed one of these I craved sugar like crazy. I didn’t keep it in my house because I didn’t want to be tempted, so sometimes I would be driving to the store at 10 pm for a sugary soda, usually. This happened because sometimes I got sick and tired of eating protein all day long. Now I am a different woman. I can’t believe I don’t want or need to drink soda anymore. I do not have to eat protein at every meal like I used to. I rarely get brain fog or tired or any of the other symptoms I had when I didn’t eat. I even went to a wedding the other day and for the first time I can remember I actually didn’t want any of the wedding cake. I feel one hundred times better than I did before I started this program.

Before this program, I had diarrhea 15 times a month. I was constantly concerned about leaving the house, and always had to be near a restroom. I have done this program for 18 months and for the past three months, I have only had two (versus 45) episodes of diarrhea.

At the age of 38, my blood tests showed elevated liver enzyme levels. These were tested for 4 years, and they continued to be high, even though I changed my diet and took supplements. After following this program for 9 months, I had them re-checked, and they were normal!

Eight years ago, I had a bone density test and was diagnosed with osteopenia. I started this program and just had my test re-done (first time since the last one eight years ago). I am 62 years old and was just told that my bones are now 118% for my age. I am now SUPER BONE!


Most testimonials, like many of these, are a statement of short-term results. In my program, crutches are used to get quick results, and I am including these because people keep asking for them. I don’t want you, however, to give too much credit to these, or any of the others you read/have read hundreds of times. What matters are long-term results. Many programs can give you immediate weight loss or symptom or addiction-reduction results, but down the road, your weight, symptoms, and/or addictions are back in full force, and/or you are now battling a disease.). Only a program like this one, which does not rely entirely on crutches for results, can offer long-term results. The most unique, incredible, profound aspect of this program is the long-term results it creates.

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