The Importance of Body Bentonite

Body Bentonite is an unusual product because it can be both a crutch, as well as a healing agent for your body and your bowel. It is a crutch because it can immediately help improve your bowel movements, symptoms, weight gain and blood tests, but it is also a healing agent, because as a cumulative result it can eliminate the stored acids from your organs that lead to disease. It will also result in permanent and effortless maintenance of your weight, symptoms and blood tests.

How Does Body Bentonite Work?

What Bentonite does is it goes into your bowels and helps to bind and soak up the acids, so they don’t return into the bloodstream. These acids can cause weight gain, symptoms, and bad blood tests, which is what you want to avoid. In your bloodstream, there will be a small amount of acids coming from new sources, such as diet, stress, and pesticides. But there will also be acids coming in from organs that have been accumulating over time. This is due to years of poor elimination and this is what can lead to disease.

Again, as mentioned above, Bentonite is a healing agent, which means it will over time have an effect on your bowel health. If you are taking enough each day, small chunks of old acids stored in your organs move into your bloodstream. Acids in your bloodstream may result in symptoms, but the damage done to your body is much less than when they are stored in your organs. Acids in the bloodstream are one step closer to being eliminated by your bowel. When acids are stored in your organs there is no way to eliminate that toxicity. Bentonite will continue removing those old acids in your organs, which dramatically lessens the chance of disease and slowly over time less will have to be moved into the bloodstream. It is important to remember that the process of taking Body Bentonite is meant to be long-lasting so you can see the best results.

Think of Bentonite like a mop. You can use it to soak up the rain coming through holes in your roof, but there always will be a different amount of rain, as everyday is different. But it makes it easier to keep the house dry. The Bentonite is also a way of fixing those holes so the problem can be permanently fixed. It can immediately change the situation, but not heal it, which is why it will take time.

Another helpful analogy is to think of Body Bentonite as a product that gets rid of the trash in the middle of your kitchen, that is making it look bad (symptoms from acids in your bloodstream), but it also removes the trash hidden in the cabinets and drawers , which is dangerous but “out of sight” (these are the acids stored in your organs).

The goal is to take enough Body Bentonite to soak up 100% of acids, or clean out all the trash in the kitchen, resulting in better stools, great elimination, and no acids returning to the blood. This also means better blood tests, less symptoms, and weight loss.

Common Misconceptions of Bentonite

Often there are misunderstandings when it comes to taking Body Bentonite. One of these misconceptions is that it is out of the ordinary to have a loss of appetite. It is actually a good thing to have a reduction in your appetite, because Body Bentonite will help to balance your blood sugar, which can keep the feeling of hunger away.

Another common misconception is that your symptoms can get worse. Because this product helps to eliminate old acids, those acids in your bloodstream will be eliminated, resulting in less symptoms. So other symptoms can often be caused by a viral infection or other circumstances.

Body Bentonite can often cause “healing symptoms” which are simply less severe symptoms, but manageable compared to previous symptoms. Bentonite is working to eliminate the acids from your bloodstream, so the less acids there are in your bloodstream, means the less severe the symptoms will be until the old acids are eliminated completely.

Final Thoughts

When taken correctly, Bentonite can massively improve your bowel health and result in healthier stools, less symptoms, better blood tests and weight loss. It’s important to remember that although there will be immediate results, the best results will be seen over time, so we recommend at least a year of taking Body Bentonite to see these desired results. Take the correct amount and your bowel will be thanking you!

For more information on Body Bentonite please read chapter eight, “Healing Your Body” , of Unique Healing

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