The Keys to Your Bowel Health

What is gut health, and what does it mean to have a healthy gut?

The term “gut health” has blown up in the past few years. After gaining momentum in the wellness sphere, it’s since become more popular in mainstream media. You’ve probably seen yogurts and probiotics or other supplements boasting their ability to restore and heal your gut. As nice as these ideas sound, you can’t truly heal or restore your bowel if you don’t know what bowel health is. Begin your journey to a healthy bowel and body by learning more about bowel health. First, here are the top three facts you need to know.

Top 3 facts about bowel health

  1. The first thing you need to know about bowel health is that it’s inherited. Mothers pass bowel bacteria on to their babies. If your mother had a strong, healthy bowel when she was pregnant with you, you would’ve inherited a lot of the good bacteria needed for optimal bowel health. The healthier a mother’s gut is during pregnancy, the more good bacteria she passes on to her baby. If your mother had a weak bowel at the time of your birth, her body wouldn’t have had many good bacteria to give you and you were then born with a weak bowel. 

Don’t let this discourage you. Just because you inherited a weak bowel doesn’t mean that you’re destined to a life of sickness and health issues. By following the Unique Healing program, you can help encourage bacterial growth to strengthen your bowel and live a healthy life.

  1. There should be 100 trillion good bacteria in your gut for optimal bowel health. That’s an unfathomably large number with a lot of zeros at the end. A lot of “health” products on the market claim they can heal your bowel and replenish your gut bacteria immediately. Sadly there’s no immediate way to completely restore your bowel. Healing takes time, and wellness companies that tell you otherwise aren’t being honest. Unique Healing’s Bowel Strength is highly effective and efficient. Results aren’t instantaneous like the false claims of other companies, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how quickly you see a difference in your health.
  2. A lot of the highly touted products and modalities for healing your bowel (new diets, supplements, medications, acupuncture, etc.) are no more than crutches. By this, we mean that they help treat a symptom of an unhealthy bowel but they’re not healing it. For example, eliminating gluten or dairy from your diet may help alleviate digestion problems like gas or constipation. Both of these issues are symptoms of an unhealthy bowel. A healthy body with a strong bowel should be able to digest gluten and dairy without problems, so cutting them out of your diet isn’t restoring your gut.  

Crutches are an important part of the healing process but you shouldn’t rely on them long term. After you complete Unique Healing, you’ll find that you no longer need them. People who experience issues like IBS, colitis, hemorrhoids, etc. won’t suffer from these health conditions after their bowel is healed and restored. They won’t need to follow the diet or supplement plans or rely on their crutches that they needed before.

Healing your bowel and body, and reclaiming your health and happiness, is empowering and life changing. Our program, Unique Healing, is generally a 12-month program that has effects that will last a lifetime. Start healing your bowel and feeling great now!

For more information on bowel health please read chapter seven, “Healing Your Bowel Bacteria Environment”, of Unique Healing.

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