Understanding Your Healing Symptoms

While you are healing your body, your symptoms may begin to improve and you will start to look and feel better. But, it is very likely that your symptoms may return and you will be wondering why. It’s important to know that this is completely normal and all a part of the process of healing your bowel. 

Why You Experience Healing Symptoms

Think of your healing like clearing out a pipe. There is a sequence for how you will “unclog the pipe”, which is the same for breaking down the acids in your body. The bottom of the pipe is clogged first with acids and those parts of your body get the weakest first. This includes your lymph nodes, your kidneys (affecting your blood pressure), your skin, and your lungs. These parts of your body will experience more symptoms and feel weaker since they have the highest accumulation of acids. 

The middle of the pipe has less accumulated acids but can still experience some symptoms. This would be your liver and your pancreas (affecting your blood sugar). The top of the pipe is the bones, the heart, arteries and cells of your body. Less acids are accumulated here, but they are much more dangerous. These, though, will be the first to heal when you start the program since they are the top of the pipe and where you will begin unclogging. 

As you’re healing your bowel, slowly the accumulated acids will decrease and there will be less symptoms. So you may experience less headaches, better skin, better bowel movements, etc. Slowly as the pipe begins to become less clogged, the middle areas (liver and pancreas) will become stronger as well as the areas at the bottom (lymph nodes, kidney, skin, and lungs). But, the bottom may not be completely healed so more acids may begin to move into those bottom areas and cause more symptoms. So even though they are getting stronger, while the other areas eliminate acids, the ones at the bottom will still accumulate until more healing is done. 

To help lessen your symptoms, just continue to keep bowels well formed, and just keep going and continue to heal your body. Having these symptoms is actually a positive result, as it shows that your body is working hard to heal!

Reasons for Other Symptoms During Healing

Sometimes you may experience symptoms for other reasons other than just because your body is working to heal. It is important to target these and find out what is actually causing your symptoms, rather than blaming the program, as 99% of the time there are other underlying causes. 

One cause for symptoms could be eating less proteins. This is because it will take your stored acids and move them into your blood. When they move into your blood faster than they can be eliminated, it can cause weight gain, symptoms to go up, and just to not feel well. This is the same if you were to increase your carbs or eat more fruit. All of these changes in your diet will move your stored acids into the bloodstream, causing those unwanted symptoms. 

Another reason would be if you take away or lessen any “crutches”. This can be less exercise, a change in your diet, etc. If you take that away, because your body relied on that crutch, it will begin to show symptoms again. Symptoms can also be caused by “more rain” meaning if you become more stressed, sleep less, traveling a lot, eating sugar or alcohol. If your house gets wetter, that means more acidity! Which is why you need this program, to reduce the amount of acids into your body. 

Bacterium is another reason for symptoms during this program. If you experience the flu, diarrhea, fatigue, coughs, it all means you were exposed to some type of bad bacteria. Healing your bowel takes time, so it doesn’t mean it will be healed right away. So it will take time before your bowel is no longer vulnerable to bad bacteria. So it’s important to remember that this program wouldn’t cause this exposure to bad bacteria, but you rather would have to be exposed to it on your own. 

All of these can be an explanation for your symptoms while doing the program, so it’s important to evaluate any changes you have made or understand why you might be experiencing these symptoms. Symptoms are a normal and healthy part of the program, because it shows your body is working. It will take time to heal your bowel, but eventually you will be feeling and looking great permanently and effortlessly!

For more information on healing symptoms please read chapter three, “Why Your Bowel and Body Works”, of Unique Healing.

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