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These are the basic ingredients for your success with this nutritional healing program.

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Our Philosophy

Relying on crutches—vitamins, drugs, exercise, diets, etc.—to look and feel great will always fail you.

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There are only two ways to permanently fix your health: Healing your Bowel and Healing your Body.

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The Unique Healing program ends – You will not need these bowel and body healing supplements forever.

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How It Works

Your Home Needs Work

Whether your home (body) was built with low quality materials (you inherited some genetic weaknesses) or damage has accumulated over time (poor diet, stress, unhealthy habits), you need to fix it up

Time to Remodel

While remodeling your new home, trash (toxicity) will accumulate, and the junk you want to get rid of will pile up.

Trash Removal

You’ll need to have a trash can (bowel/gut) outside that works well to get rid of all this trash. Without a good trashcan the trash will spill out onto the yard and make a mess (causing you symptoms).

We Are Your Contractor

The Unique Healing Program focus is to permanently fix your home, so that you don’t have to remodel again, and fix your trash can so that future trash is eliminated properly.



You will look and feel great—without needing to use crutches...

You will be able to eat a lot of carbohydrates and not gain weight!

You will crave a healthy, high carbohydrate, low sugar diet.

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September 6, 2020
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August 10, 2020
Using Colloidal Silver for Bowel Healing

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July 7, 2020
Why THIS Unique Program Works

The Unique Healing Program truly is unique, as you won’t find any others that heal your body and your bowel...

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Relying on crutches—vitamins, drugs, exercise, diets, etc.—to look and feel great will always fail you. These do nothing to heal your bowel and/or help your body eliminate the acids/toxins that cause your symptoms, weight problems, disease, and addictions. If you must take something/do something every day (with no foreseeable end in sight) to regulate your symptoms, weight, disease, and addictions, you are not healing the source of the problem.

There are only two ways to permanently fix your health issues: Healing your Bowel and/or Healing your Body. To heal your bowel, you must rebuild the internal bacterial environment of it with very aggressive, temporary, and individualized amounts of bacterial-building herbs, as found in Bowel Strength, or in products like probiotics. The correct application of these is a necessity for success, and “Unique Healing” teaches you how to use these properly so that remarkable results are achieved.

While you are healing your bowel, you will also be directed in the aggressive use of a natural and safe substance (called Body Bentonite) to accelerate the elimination of acidity/toxicity from your body. This produces a rapid improvement in your elimination, symptoms, weight, addictions and over time this process permanently heals your body.

This program ends. You will not need these bowel and body-healing supplements forever (unlike programs that depend on crutches and therefore, your results depend on your using them constantly/forever). At the end of this program you will look and feel great. All symptoms and illnesses will be gone. All addictions will be gone. This program eliminates numerous conditions that you may have been told you have to “live with.” You will crave a healthy diet and your fear and confusion around food will be eliminated. You will be able to eat a lot of carbohydrates and look and feel great. This includes the consumption of gluten/wheat products, as well as other foods you may be sensitive to now. You will not need to take additional vitamins or other supplements either. You will stop blaming yourself for your weight problems. You will feel utterly empowered and fear of weight gain and disease will no longer control you.