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Introducing Body Bentonite

Unique Healing® Body Bentonite Capsules contain all natural bentonite powder, which accelerates the elimination of acids, toxins, and metals from your body. A very important component of the Unique Healing® Program, the use of Body Bentonite Capsules can quickly improve your elimination and digestive troubles, speed up your weight loss and the elimination of symptoms, addictions, and disease.  Ingredients: Food-grade, purified sodium bentonite


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Introducing Bowel Strength

Unique Healing® Bowel Strength: This product is one cornerstone of this healing program. It is designed to aggressively re-establish a healthy bacterial environment in your bowel. Without a healthy bacterial environment you will never be able to heal your body.

Think of bowel strength as food for the good guys in your bowel! 


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Our Wellness Column

Why Vitamins are Perfume for Your Trash

Think about vitamins like this. You have a large pile of trash in your home, and to keep it from smelling you spray it with perfume everyday. It can be different brands, but still just a perfume that masks the smell. But it does nothing to actually get rid of the trash in the first place! So it just keeps piling up and getting bigger, which can become overwhelming. 

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Viral and Bacterial Infections – What You Need to Know

How can you rid your body of viral and bacterial infections like staph, e. coli, diarrhea, and strep? Temporary solutions, or “crutches” as we refer to them, aren’t the answer. Crutches such as dietary changes, supplements, vitamins, and drugs only alleviate or suppress symptoms. Healing your bowel, however, is an effective solution for treating infections with long term results.

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Are You Taking Enough Body Bentonite?

Due to the nature of this program, we always stress the importance of education. And by that we mean, a real education. Knowledge is important, but without wisdom and understanding you will never know how to properly apply that knowledge. It’s not about what you know, rather the way in which you use what you know is what changes your life (or takes it to the next level).

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