Unique Healing® Bowel Strength
Product Details: Bowel Strength: This product is a critical part of this healing program. It is designed to aggressively re-establish a healthy bacterial environment in your bowel. Ingredients: Berberine sulfate, 300 mg; grapefruit seed extract,300 mg; gentian root,225 mg; black walnut...
Body Bentonite Capsules
Product Details: Body Bentonite Capsules contain all natural bentonite powder, which accelerates the elimination of acids, toxins, and metals from your body. A very important component of the Unique Healing® Program, the use of Body Bentonite Capsules can quickly improve your...
Body Bentonite Powder
Do you have a detoxifying agent working on your behalf to cleanse your body? Body Bentonite Powder contains all natural, highly purified and fine, white, bentonite powder, which accelerates the elimination of acids, toxins, and metals from your body. A very...
Colloidal Silver
Product Details: Colloidal Silver is a safe, natural product that helps fight bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections. It is a great crutch to use while you are healing your bowel with Bowel Strength or Unique Healing® Probiotics. It is recommended that you use...
The Starter Kit
$104.97 $84.95
The Starter Kit
Starter Package: These are the 3 basic ingredients for your success with this program. Get them together in this Starter Package. "Unique Healing®” book--provides concepts critical to your success, as well as instructions for implementing this program. 1 bottle of Bowel...
$104.97 $84.95
Unique Healing® Probiotic Powder
Product Details Unique Healing® Probiotic Powder: A powerful probiotic blend that, like Bowel Strength, helps to establish a healthy bacterial environment in your bowel. Great for children and adults who cannot swallow pills. Instructions for the use of this product, a necessity for...
Unique Healing Book
Unique Healing® Book: Your “map” to success. This answers your questions, and provides information you need to understand why this works, as well as directions for making it work for you. Un-eliminated acids--from diet, stress, drugs, chemicals, pollutants--cause symptoms, addictions, illness,...
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